Can't decide which light model to choose? Would you need an additional bracket in addition to the light? Not sure if you would wear the flashlight on a helmet because it might be too heavy? Do you want to install it in the front? Or would you rather buy a model that has an external charging station for long rides, with which you can also charge your phone? Maybe you need a bracket on which you can mount your phone and a flashlight below?

All our lights can be used on all wheels and in all weather conditions, and you have to decide for yourself what you want or
and need. We have divided our sales program into the following 5 categories.
ROAD - we recommend these lights to all cyclists, they are especially convenient for road cyclists. They are light and small and will safely escort you home from the afternoon ride after work, which often drags on into the night.
OFF-ROAD - we recommend these lights to cyclists who want excellent lighting in the dark. The lights in this program are extremely powerful, reaching up to 1800 lumens. They are also suitable for late afternoon driving as they have several stages. They fit very well on all types of bikes (mountain, road, city and downhill bikes and can also be mounted on children's bikes). We tested them on road and mountain bikes, where they did great. We also took them on a night hike and tested them as flashlights. Here, too, they passed the test with distinction. You can normally hold the light in your hands as it heats up more at
the top, the part with the integrated battery is only slightly warm.
URBAN - we recommend these lights to all cyclists, but they are most suitable for city and trekking bikes, as well as for family rides on local roads.
RACE - these lights are recommended for fast driving in the woods, on macadam paths and roads. Along with these lights, you also receive a H10 bracket that allows you to mount accessories such as Garmin navigation or a GoPro camera above the light(you can buy it with other lightd).
LAST - all rear lamps are top quality and provide
exceptional visibility. It will delight more demanding users with some models
a braking sensor that detects wheel braking and lamp operation switches to
continuous red light.