We are a young team of enthusiastic cyclists and runners who love nature. Given that we live in Slovenia, where it gets dark very quickly for most of the year, we found that lights are an indispensable part of our hobby. Coincidentally, we tested the Gaciron cycling light, which impressed us so much that we decided to import it. We forged a trustworthy relationship with Gaciron and began importing and selling their products. We are the official distributor of the Gaciron brand in Slovenia. All the lights we sell have been tested and used regularly every day during sports activities.

Presentation of Gaciron.

GACIRON is a world-renowned brand of bicycle lights, founded in 2008 in Shezhen, China. He creates quality and technological products with innovation, passion and teamwork. The main purpose of the company is to design products of the highest quality using the best materials and the latest technologies, which will ensure exceptional customer satisfaction. The Gaciron company is exclusively engaged in the production of bicycle lamps, brackets and accessories. It has over 40 products in its range.