Bicycle LED light Gaciron V9DP-1800 + gift holder H07P for another bike

Cycling light brand: GACIRON
Model: V9DP 1800
Color: Black
LED specification: CRE XML2
Battery: 6700 mAh lithium-ion brand LG
Housing: Aluminum
Weight: 206g
Light dimensions: 118 x 53 x 32.5mm
Brightness: 1800 Lumens
Charging: Micro USB
Luminance distance: over 200 M
Working modes:
-> 1800 lm = 1 hour 55 minutes
-> 900 lm = 4 hours 30 minutes
-> 500 lm = 6 hours 25 minutes
-> 200 lm = 12 hours 30 minutes
-> 100-50 lm (Breath function) = 50 hours
-> flashing 1800 lm = 2 hours 45 minutes


Bicycle light Gaciron V9DP-1800 is a high quality LED bicycle light with a power of 1800 lumens and will serve you well day and night. It uses LG's 6700-mAh lithium-ion battery for its power. Thanks to the USB port, the light can also be used as a charging station for a mobile phone. The kit includes a H07P bracket to attach the light to the handlebars and a mini R01 adapter to safely operate the light without lowering the handlebars.


Powerful bike light it has six modes of operation, which are separated by levels of luminosity. The exposure time is 1 hour and 55 minutes at the strongest level and 50 hours at the weakest level. The light is waterproof to IPX6 standard. The upper part is made of durable aluminum, where two powerful LED bulbs are installed. The flashlight can be used with all our bike carriers. We provide a 1-year warranty on operation.


You can see our test light at the link below.