Zadnja kolesarska luč LED Gaciron W11 + NOSILEC ZA AERO SEDEŽ

Brand: Gaciron
Model: W11
Color: Black
Housing: Aluminum
Weight: 27,8g
Light dimensions: 54,8*26*15,6mm
Charging: USB 5V/2.0A
Visibility: 1000m


The Gaciron W11 rear bicycle light is a high-quality LED light with a power of 15 lumens. It uses a 200-mAh lithium-ion battery for its power. It has 4 levels of operation. At the strongest level (15 lumens) it works in a flashing state for 16.8 hours, and at the weakest level (2 lumens) for 56 hours. It shines continuously for 9 hours.


The light is waterproof to IPX4 standard. The visibility of the light is more than 1000 meters.
The bicycle light is extremely practical, as the light can be removed from the holder and placed on a bicycle bag or helmet.
We provide a 1-year warranty on operation.